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Installment loan lenders: Visit now to learn more

Installment loans are the best alternative to credit cards. Today I will tell you why this financing option is better than a card. Do you need emergency cash? You’re not alone. Many Spaniards are in short-term financial crisis at one point or another.

For that reason from creditore we have created the buyer of personal loans in installments in which you can see the list of the best rated in Spain. And requesting an installment payment system is a good solution. Why should you request financing in installments? Financial emergencies are unavoidable and unable to get out of such situations is often annoying.

The rising price of goods along with financial stress breaks down a person’s confidence to cope with unforeseen expenses.

What are installment loans?

These are basically a kind of closed financing. Which means that there is a predetermined monthly payment system. Therefore, these are also popular as monthly installment loans with Affordable payments. The lender disburses the money from the one-time financing product and must be paid along with the interest in the same fixed installments. As agreed in the contract document of the same.

These are widely classified as secured loans and unsecured loans. The guaranteed implies the promise of your assets to guarantee the reimbursement of the financial product. They tend to have lower interest rates because the lender can recover the vehicle or claim your home. While one without a guarantee is independent of the guarantee, that is, that you do not leave any assets committed.

These tend to have higher interest rates, which reflects the greater risk for the lender. How to request a loan in installments at the best price?

Benefits of choosing online loans

When choosing a credit to pay off in the long term, you have a variety of benefits in comparison to a credit card and these are: And I think the more money you put in people’s hands, the more you’re going to spend. And if they do not spend it, they invest it. And investment is another way to create jobs. It puts money in mutual funds or other types of banks that can go out and make loans, and we have to do it.

• Unlike cards that are poorly structured, installment loans have a set deadline with start and end dates

• Compared to credit cards, these cash advances come with lower and fixed interest rates.

The interest rates of credit cards may vary if the financing limit is exceeded.

• The amount of this financing product is established and therefore there is no possibility of reckless spending.

In case you want more money, you have to reapply for money through a separate loan application. This challenge prevents you from falling into the trap of over-indebtedness. You have to keep in mind that in order to request one of the credits in installments you have to have good financial planning that protects you and your family.

More benefits…

• Payments are not only flexible but also predictable. They remain the same throughout the tenure, and therefore you know exactly how much to pay each month.

Whereas, card payments fluctuate depending on the balance.

• This small-term financing is not as detrimental to your credit score as a card with a high balance.

Because cards are a form of revolving credit, they are usually evaluated for the use of credit, which is the relationship between your balance and your financing limit.

This defines how you are responsible with your credit management.

Reasons to choose installment loans

Certain unforeseen situations such as medical emergencies require immediate attention and therefore cannot be postponed or avoided. And if you do not have a money-saving to cover the costs, it can affect you negatively. However, this instant installment financing product is the most reliable and practical solution to manage your financial emergency situations effectively. Here are some reasons to choose this type of financing:

Flexible amortization period

Unlike other financial products, it is not necessary to pay the loan amount at one time. The system of financing in installments offer the convenience of a fixed payment schedule, which you will pay on the exact due date, relieving the burden of paying in a single sum.

Help improve your credit score


The credit history of any loan has your direct influence, good or bad, on your credit score, since approximately 35% of your score is established in your credit history. Untimely payment of the financial product can negatively affect your credit score. Fortunately, there is an easy way to increase your score gradually. Paying your installment payments on time can have a positive impact on your credit score.

A stable credit history throughout the tenure of the loan is much more advantageous than paying the loan early. Everything you need to know to have a good credit history now and always. In addition, a healthy credit score can increase your chances of obtaining financing next time.

Some lenders do not perform credit checks

Traditional financing systems, such as banks and credit unions, perform a credit check. They instantly deactivate the financing request, in case of the unsatisfactory credit report from you. Most online lenders do not check credit, such as Gedescoche, this lender offers you up to € 10,000.

This feature makes these financial products more popular and easier to obtain. While demonstrating a stable income, many lenders will be happy to offer you a loan.

Finish mini-credits

Mini-credits should ultimately be used only in very urgent situations. These loans come with higher interest rates and over time can lead to debt beyond your affordability to pay. Therefore, you get stuck in a debt cycle. You can avoid this financial product with the choice of installment loans.

If you pay the loan in installments opting for a short repayment term, you can save on interest. Also, as you are well informed about the amount of the loan due, it is easier to plan your budget accordingly and avoid paying so many interests with the mini-credits.

Rapid loan processing and transfer of funds

Financial installment products are readily available and convenient to apply online. The processing of the product is absolutely fast with the automated system and therefore there is not much documentation involved. It takes only a few minutes to fill out the application and get information about the loan approval status online. When your financial product is approved, the amount is immediately transferred to your agreed account. You can wait for your cash, usually on the next business day.

Should you ask for a loan just to build your credit history?

Generally, it is not advisable to take this financing system to improve credit, but there is an exception: Credit construction loans. As its name suggests, the construction of credit is its entire reason for existing. When you do not have credit or you have it light, this system of financing in installments can help you build your credit history. Once a credit builder loan is approved, the money is deposited into a savings account or certificate.

The money is not released until you have paid the loan. Paying on time helps you build your credit history, and you also have a nice emergency fund built for the time you pay the loan. But not paying on time damages your credit history, and too much debt could cause your budget to be forced and lead to lost payments.

How do personal loans affect debt consolidation?

Como salir de las deudas

Taking a personal loan to pay off high-interest credit card debt can help you once again improve your credit history. Debt consolidation, using a personal credit, moves credit card debt into an installment loan, which reduces your credit utilization rate. The use is the amount of your balance in relation to your limit. It is another important factor in your credit score.

Most experts recommend using less than 35 percent of the credit limit of each card, and if it is less good. Moving the debt into a personal installment loan can instantly reduce your use by card and total. As a secondary benefit, moving credit card balances to a personal loan with a lower annual percentage rate can help you get out of debt more quickly. Learn about the different types of credit cards in Spain.

What is an instant approval loan?

This online installment financing system is not just a financially secure option. But also a smarter alternative to mini-credits. It offers instant cash in times of crisis and allows you to pay in a flexible way in installments. Reducing the stress of paying the advance in a lump sum.

Get your product online right now, through the free loan comparison of our page. In it, you will see the different options of financial products, the lenders and their respective rates. The procedure to obtain your financial product is 100% online. You only need an Internet connection and a mobile device, tablet or computer. Come in and take a look…

What do financial experts recommend?

According to some financial advisors, these are the best alternatives to credit cards. They recognize that the first can be used to pay even credit cards, helping to save more money. In addition, when applied to financial products online, you can go to a comparative platform, such as the creditor. You will get the funds quickly.

The process is simple. The eligibility criteria are easy to meet, the approval rate is high, the borrowers with bad credit are also accepted, without guarantee requirements. The approval of the loan is instantaneous and the deposit of cash is made directly in your account. However, I suggest you weigh your choice carefully and understand the pros and cons of a smarter financing decision. Another aspect to take into account is to finance the commissions of your loan, you must study if this is profitable or not.

Do you need to apply for an online loan?

Creditore puts all your financial products at your disposal, so you can use them when you need them the most. There are certain circumstances in which we can not predict economic emergencies, having to go through a financial slump. In these situations, you can visit our loan comparison and choose the product that best suits you financially.

Requirements to request an online financial product

The requirements are practically similar depending on the lender, but in general, the basic ones are:

  • Have ID
  • Be a resident in Spain
  • Be of legal age (18 years old) and under 65 years old (approximately)
  • Have a bank account
  • Have a mobile line to your name and email

How to apply for a quick loan through WHATSAPP?

We can not deny that today our smartphone is an extension of us, without which we can not even live. We do practically everything with him and the reality is that he streamlines many procedures and processes, since we have practically everything at our fingertips. Not in vain we consult our smartphone about 150 times on average per day.

The majority of these times is to see or answer some type of message ( Facebook Chat , WhatsApp , Line , Telegram , etc … ) But without a doubt the most used and leading communications app is WhatsApp . For something Facebook paid more than 21,000 million euros for it.

Some interesting facts about the WHATSAPP

Whatsapp the social network par excellence

Did you know that we use an average of 195 minutes per week to communicate via WhatsApp? This is equal to almost a half hour daily talking on the WhatsApp. According to comments in its publication there are already more than 800 million people who use the leading application in communication. Of these 800 million 72% consult the application daily, sending an average of 1,500 messages per month. And is that every day are sent more than 32,000 million text messages through the app, 700 million images, 100 million videos and 200 million voice messages.

WhatsApp and companies

WhatsApp is something so normal within our society that there are already many companies that have taken advantage of this change to increase their sales. And is that thanks to WhatsApp many bars have increased to double their sales just by the possibility of requesting your order via WhatsApp. Thanks to its fast, easy to use and free system, there are undoubtedly thousands of practical applications that we can give to the app. Even pharmacies already solve doubts about their medications or consult stocks through the most widely used communication app in the world. And if WhatsApp has reached pharmacies and bars, why can not we request a quick credit for WhatsApp?

Solicitar un crédito rápido por whastsapp

Well, there are already fast loan companies that use WhatsApp to confirm your identity without the need to present a lot of papers. With us you can request up to € 500 in just 5 minutes to resolve any unforeseen events in your life and without the need to present papers. In the case that they need to verify some of your data with simply sending a photo by WhatsApp of the document in question is enough.

Without moving from home and without the need to be scanning documents, with a simple photo through WhatsApp you can get your money.

Credit cards and new technologies

The use of new technologies is what makes the difference, both in companies and in users of them.

And it is not the same to have to go to your bank, stand in line, present an infinity of papers to see if they accept the loan, to be in the comfort of your home, visit a web comparison of credits to help you Choose the one that best suits your needs and be the cheapest, and request it without even having to get up from the sofa.

We live in the 21st century and as such we must evolve the way of doing things, thanks to the technology we have the luck to enjoy we can do anything without the need to move, why not take advantage of it?

What is a mini-credit or an online microcredit? Discover it

The mini-credit is a financing solution for people with a small need for money or a small project to start. This financial product is ideal to deal with unforeseen expenses or to finance a project. More and more people excluded from conventional bank loans opt for this financial product. For all these reasons, today in this article I will tell you more about the concept of this means of financing.

But if you already know and want to get one right now, you can find it in our mini – credits section of our page. It is always good to have all the knowledge that helps you solve a possible urgency of money in the fastest way.

What is a mini-credit?

Mini-credit or micro-credit is a financing solution for borrowers who want to borrow small amounts of money. It is primarily intended for borrowers who do not obtain a bank loan.

A real alternative, since this recognized financial product has almost always been offered to candidates of consumer loans who do not have the confidence of traditional banks to obtain the financing they need.

In this context, mini-credit appears as a real alternative to this type of financing insofar as its interest rate is much more attractive.

Quick and easy to obtain

The Minicredit can also be a real alternative to the open bank (authorized or not) in case of urgent need for money. The advantage of this type of loan lies in the steps that must be followed, since they are easier compared to conventional loans of a lifetime.

Do you know what a mini-loan is and what are its advantages and dangers? Today we tell you in detail so you know when you should request it. 

Who can apply?

Young employees or part-time retirees with low income, unemployed, students, retirees, beneficiaries of property rental, among others, are the main objectives of the companies that offer mini-credit. As a result, anyone with at least 18 years of age and living in Spain with an average income of approximately 700 euros, can obtain this type of financing.

The mini loan is also for people excluded from traditional financing due to low income, a precarious financial situation or the lack of a guarantee. People who earn too much, but not enough to finish the month calmly can also claim this type of financing.

Why a mini-credit?

In general, a loan application involves a long process that requires the creation of a file that includes:

  • Income
  • Account statements
  • Proof of address
  • Or a work contract

However, this file, which demonstrates the financial stability and the ability of the applicant to pay with the credit institution, has become complex to establish. In particular due to the economic and social situation. As a result, mini-credit has become an alternative for many borrowers who want to obtain financing quickly. Very different from the existing loans, since with the mini-credit you can borrow up to 1,000 euros, (many of them € 300 for the first time). And it requires providing a minimum documentation to prove your identity and to testify your financial situation.

Advantages of requesting a mini-credit on the Internet

The increase of new technologies has allowed, nowadays, to have the opportunity to apply for a credit through Internet. A service that allows you to have a certain amount of money for whatever you want, be it on a trip, to start a small business, solve an unexpected or buy an appliance, for example.

And all from the comfort of your home, using only your computer, a tablet or a smartphone with a network connection. But these are not the only advantages of requesting a mini-credit online, since this new practice offers many other benefits.

Such as:

Its process is quite simple

When hiring this financial service, its procedure is much simpler than a typical conventional loan. You just have to fill in a form with your personal and banking information. Some lenders will ask you to send some papers, such as a DNI copy. However, others have adapted a system that is responsible for verifying all your data without much paperwork.

They can be requested at any time and in any place

At present you can request a small amount of money whenever you want and from anywhere. So you can request it if you want from the armchair of your house, as long as you have a computer with Internet access, a tablet or a mobile phone. For what it offers you comfort, since you do not have to leave home and make long lines, as in your traditional bank.

Granting money in a few minutes

More and more lenders are granting mini-credits in just a few minutes, once the user enters the data and the amount they wish to receive. What allows to have the money in a record time. Without having to wait too long and be able to have the money in the bank account. So you can solve your economic urgency quickly.

You always know what you are going to pay

Through the calculator that is on the website of the lender in which you will request the small loan. You can see at all times how much you are going to pay for the money requested in the time of reimbursement. So you will avoid any additional surprises.

You do not have to justify the purpose of the mini-credit

You do not have to explain why you need the small credit money. You just have to fill in the information requested in the form, which is usually personal to identify your identity And the number of your account to enter the money.

Are you struggling with an urgent need for money?

¿Estás luchando con una necesidad urgente de dinero?

It is possible that you can get the money you need through online mini-credits. You just have to fill out an application and receive the amount you have requested in just a few minutes. Until recently, we never would have thought this was possible! However, today it is easier to solve a money problem quickly.

The mini-credit can provide you from 50 euros to 1,000 euros, most lenders require that the amount be returned within a maximum period of 30 days. But, there are many others that give you a longer repayment term of up to 4 months. Do not hesitate and take a look at all the products that we have at your disposal through our comparators that are at the top of the page.

And to finish…

Obtaining a mini-credit quickly without providing a large number of supporting documents seems to be the main asset of this type of financing. In addition to the convenience of being able to request it from the comfort of your home. This financing can be obtained by an unemployed applicant to the extent that he can demonstrate a regular cash flow (around 700 euros).

Mini-credit can be considered as a set of financial products and services for people excluded from traditional banking channels. People who have an eventual economic need and who require speed to be able to solve it. So it can be considered a financial solution.

I hope this article is useful for you and has given you this financial product, which may be of great help at any given time.