How to apply for a quick loan through WHATSAPP?

We can not deny that today our smartphone is an extension of us, without which we can not even live. We do practically everything with him and the reality is that he streamlines many procedures and processes, since we have practically everything at our fingertips. Not in vain we consult our smartphone about 150 times on average per day.

The majority of these times is to see or answer some type of message ( Facebook Chat , WhatsApp , Line , Telegram , etc … ) But without a doubt the most used and leading communications app is WhatsApp . For something Facebook paid more than 21,000 million euros for it.

Some interesting facts about the WHATSAPP

Whatsapp the social network par excellence

Did you know that we use an average of 195 minutes per week to communicate via WhatsApp? This is equal to almost a half hour daily talking on the WhatsApp. According to comments in its publication there are already more than 800 million people who use the leading application in communication. Of these 800 million 72% consult the application daily, sending an average of 1,500 messages per month. And is that every day are sent more than 32,000 million text messages through the app, 700 million images, 100 million videos and 200 million voice messages.

WhatsApp and companies

WhatsApp is something so normal within our society that there are already many companies that have taken advantage of this change to increase their sales. And is that thanks to WhatsApp many bars have increased to double their sales just by the possibility of requesting your order via WhatsApp. Thanks to its fast, easy to use and free system, there are undoubtedly thousands of practical applications that we can give to the app. Even pharmacies already solve doubts about their medications or consult stocks through the most widely used communication app in the world. And if WhatsApp has reached pharmacies and bars, why can not we request a quick credit for WhatsApp?

Solicitar un crédito rápido por whastsapp

Well, there are already fast loan companies that use WhatsApp to confirm your identity without the need to present a lot of papers. With us you can request up to € 500 in just 5 minutes to resolve any unforeseen events in your life and without the need to present papers. In the case that they need to verify some of your data with simply sending a photo by WhatsApp of the document in question is enough.

Without moving from home and without the need to be scanning documents, with a simple photo through WhatsApp you can get your money.

Credit cards and new technologies

The use of new technologies is what makes the difference, both in companies and in users of them.

And it is not the same to have to go to your bank, stand in line, present an infinity of papers to see if they accept the loan, to be in the comfort of your home, visit a web comparison of credits to help you Choose the one that best suits your needs and be the cheapest, and request it without even having to get up from the sofa.

We live in the 21st century and as such we must evolve the way of doing things, thanks to the technology we have the luck to enjoy we can do anything without the need to move, why not take advantage of it?

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