2 Graduates integrate F1 racing technology into Hockey sticks

Two British graduates both aged 24 left university with one hugely ambitious goal to build a global sports brand greater than some of the big players like Adidas and Nike. 

A university project gone mad, co-founders Evan Mackrill and Matt Hutton started Crown Hockey and have since seen a huge amount of interest from international players and retailers, including the largest in the UK and Europe.

For Crown the primary goal is not to make a product that can be best marketed easily, but a product that is all about performance. This has been supported in test groups from the Crown tour of clubs, in which people regularly commented on the improved feel attributed to the new manufacturing method.

Crown hockey

Since starting the company, the founders have filed multiple patents protecting their unique design and manufacturing process. Boasting the use of F1 racing technology the founders claim to have discovered a way of transferring the same quality and precision into a mass consumer product, with 3 key benefits:

1) Like an F1 car, the Crown Hockey stick is carefully pieced together to create an extremely lightweight yet powerful construction.

2) Absolutely no structural defects. Air pockets and voids have been completely removed, reducing unpredictable impact fractures and breaks.

3) Products can be fully tailored for the user, with an R&D facility in Britain, changes in the designs can be implemented within days.

Traditional Hockey sticks have been made with a variety of composite materials including glass fibre, carbon fibre and Kevlar. Carbon fibre has become a buzz word amongst the hockey community and has historically been used to define the quality of a stick; with manufacturers who state a higher carbon fibre content charging a higher price. But they all use the same manufacturing process, which is inherently difficult to guarantee and sustain quality.

Crown Hockey’s new manufacturing process features a fibre that is brand new to Hockey, substantially reducing the likelihood of impact fractures and abrasion at the heel by up to 40%. Crown Hockey sticks are hand crafted in the UK with F1 engineers, due to the nature of this high quality hand lay-up process they are able to create a far stronger hockey stick with much greater consistency when compared to competitors.