2UNDR launches in UK

2UNDR, the brand new high performance men’s underwear line, has launched in the U.K.

This unique range uses the most advanced techniques and materials to provide the ultimate support and fit.

The innovation of this product range originates in the Joey Pouch, a specialised, soft and comfortable pouch which has been specially designed to prevent unwanted skin-to-skin contact for reduced chafing and a perfect fit. Featuring premium materials for superior comfort, the Joey Pouch holds and uplifts, to naturally enhance men’s most valuable assets.

There are four distinctive products within the range, designed to suit a variety of activities and an active lifestyle. The Gear Shift and Power Shift collections have been designed specifically for active sportsmen and fitness fans, utilising Coldskin by Garmatex to promote cooling in areas where heat commonly builds during activity. This pioneering thermal-reduction material uses crushed jade minerals which have been woven into the fabric to reduce body temperature by three to six degrees, dissipating excess heat.


Comfort is further enhanced by the 2UNDR No-Drip-Tip, an additional moisture-layer which wicks away sweat to create a consistently soft, cool and dry environment.

All products in the range feature materials which work with the body to achieve ultimate comfort, whether during sporting activity or day-to-day. In addition to Coldskin, the performance-focused Gear Shift and Power Shift collections offer additional compression and quick-dry properties. The Swing Shift and Day Shift collections are recommended for everyday use and feature luxuriously soft materials, with enhanced breathability and increased softness with every wash. All products resist shrinkage and do not sag, providing ultimate support, whatever the chosen activity.

2UNDR’s anti-chafing properties are boosted by high quality seam construction, with intelligently-designed flatlock stitching to leave a seamless feel and avoid potential rub-zones. The innovative “no roll” waistband is also manufactured using the highest quality yarn, to provide a reinforced band for ultimate flexibility and ease of movement.

EMEA distributor for 2UNDR, Paul Hendry said:  “We are thrilled to be launching 2UNDR in the UK and across EMEA. Having realised the huge potential of the brand and immense popularity this unique range has garnered with leading sporting figures throughout the world to date, we are looking forward to seeing how 2UNDR is set to change the way British men protect their best assets.”