360-degree visibility for runners and cyclists

Runners and cyclists ArmbandA brand new reflective LED armband has been launched today by wearable tech experts, Fhoss Technology, providing running and cycling enthusiasts with 360-degree visibility during hours of low light and darkness.

Powered by a 100,000-hour battery, the FiArmband is based on innovative and patented technology which allows users to be illuminated in complete darkness.

Andrew Kimitri, CEO of Fhoss Technology says: “Until recently, high visibility has been based on traditional reflective tape which requires an external light source to reflect from. Our technology is a big step forward and, with it in use in our new armband, it means that people who enjoy outdoor exercise can feel assured that they can be seen at all times, in all light and weather conditions and even in complete darkness.

“We have developed our technology over a number of years and it has been tried and tested by big names in construction, aviation and highways. The FiArmband is a fantastic product and we are really excited to be taking a step into the consumer market space. The 100,000‑hour battery makes this product stand out from any other currently on the market.”

Made from lightweight, water resistant nylon, the FiArmband can wrap around the wrist, arm or ankle and the product’s ‘one-size-fits-all’ nature means it is suitable for both adults and children.