A bold ‘Spring’ into colour for the latest Women’s SKINS A200 Compression range – in stores March 2015

SKINS – the UK’s leading international sports compression wear brand – has responded to a call from its female fans for cutting edge style to go along with the well-known ‘substance’ of its reliable compression technology performance.

SKINS A200 - This way up 2

SKINS – traditionally chosen by sportswomen for its impressive functionality more than its nod to fashion – is confident the new eye-catching designs of its popular A200 range will fulfil the needs of active women demanding to look and feel good whilst they train hard.


Women’s A200 – THIS WAY UP

Expect crimson reds, royal blues and bright whites featuring in this head-turning collection, reminiscent of a deconstructed Union Jack flag, thanks to its distinctive geometric, angular patterning across the whole of the garments in its range.



Here, shades of cerise and purple complement the strong blues in the modern-day distorted tartan design, and bring a unique, contemporary look and style to women who are both fashion-conscious, and serious about training better, faster, stronger.


SKINS A200 - Papaya

Women’s A200 – BLACK / PAPAYA

But the industry leader has not lost sight of the preferences of a lot of its female followers – many of whom may not be drawn to bright colours for active wear – and for them the Black / Papaya collection mixes black with side panels of charcoal and white, edged with a colour pop of orange piping.

As hundreds of thousands of women step up their training to prepare for the summer’s charity runs and other sports events, they can look forward to a burst of colour in these brand new additions to their favourite sports compression brand.

For more details of the garments within each new range, log on to SKINS.net