Aqua Sphere releases new Energize swimwear collection

Aqua Sphere are aiming to deliver new product innovation with the introduction of Energize, a collection of swimwear designed to allow competitors to reap the benefits of compression wear during a race and in training.

Comprising three models – a training suit, a speedsuit and a tri-suit – the new Energize compression range works by providing targeted muscle support, enhancing circulation to active muscles, and reducing muscle fatigue – thereby boosting an athlete’s power, speed and stamina. Targeted compression of various muscle groups thus reduces lactic acid build up and improves recovery time.

“This is the first line of swimwear that utilizes advanced compression technology,” says Martin Newton, Sales & Marketing Manager, Aqua Sphere UK.  “Typically water causes materials to lose compression but, excitingly, we’ve developed a brand new fabric that maintains its compression properties when wet. Using Aqua Sphere’s exclusive Dynamix fabric, specifically engineered with a hydrophobic surface coating and elastic fibres to support and compress muscles, Energize suits flatten the body using a strategic panel construction that targets specific muscle groups including the quadriceps, hamstrings, hips, waist and abdominal muscles. The result is reduced oscillation during swimming,resulting in a faster swim and improved bike and run performance during the remainder of a triathlon.” 

Suitable for triathlon training as well as competitive swimming events, the FINA approved Energize Training Suit enhances active recovery by protecting core muscles.

The Energize Speedsuit, approved by WTC (the USA Tri Governing Body), is designed to be worn over a TriSuit for non-wetsuit races, helping to save energy by compressing the core muscles during the swim leg of a triathlon. Providing a streamlined fit that reduces drag, the SpeedSuit incorporates strategic side panels that work in conjunction with the Dynamix compression textile to reduce muscle vibrations and keep them fresh for the bike and run.  Finally,the TriSuit is ideal for sprint and Olympic distance triathlons and is designed to be worn throughout the entire race. 

The range is available to pre-order now for 1 February for retailers. To view the new collection call your Aqua Sphere sales contact or the Head Office on 01254 692200.