• Squash/Badminton: Ramping up Biomimetic

    By SGB sports on 01/08/2011
    Jamie Douglas, group product manager for tennis at Dunlop Slazenger International Ltd, updates SGB Sports on the Biomimetic technology, and tells us about its potential application in other racket sports like squash and badminton. The concept behind biomimetics is nature inspired engineering. It is a field of engineering that is used in many different industries such as sport, aerospace, architecture, […]
  • Squash/Badminton: Wilson gets a feel for racket sports

    By SGB sports on 01/08/2011
    Wilson’s 2011 racket range hinges on its BLX technology, which is described as ‘the most advanced composite in the industry’. BLX combines basalt fibres woven longitudinally with Wilson’s proprietary [K]arophite Black technology, itself an evolution of Wilson nCode products which utilises a structure incorporating additional bonds between the SiO2 and graphite molecules on a nanoscopic scale, resulting in more feel […]
  • Trion:Z’s magnetic appeal

    By SGB sports on 28/07/2011
    David Pittman finds out about the appeal of Trion:Z and how its products work Trion:Z launched in in Japan over a decade ago with a mission to promote a healthy and active lifestyle. It is claimed the products, including wristbands, necklaces and body supports, are used every day by millions of people around the world who believe in the benefits […]
  • Intersport ‘spot on’ with shows

    By SGB sports on 05/04/2011
    Buying group claims to have ‘formula right’ for quarterly shows; Q4 show member attendance tops 90 per cent Intersport general manager Tom Foley said the buying group has the ‘formula right’ with its quarterly buying shows after closing its recent Q4 event. The Intersport Q4 show took place on March 30-31, with a focus on hockey, squash, badminton and winter collections. […]
  • Intersport readies for Q4 show

    By SGB sports on 01/03/2011
    Buying group prepares for Q4 show; focus on hockey, squash and badminton The Intersport Q4 buying show will focus on hockey, squash and badminton. Intersport said over 90 per cent of members attend its quarterly shows, with prospective members also keen to make an appearance. Suppliers also relish the opportunity to showcase themselves to the trade, according to Intersport, with […]
  • Badminton: Style on court

    By SGB sports on 01/02/2011
    This year’s badminton season sees smart technologies for advanced players and innovative designs for junior players just beginning to enjoy this exciting sport. We take a look at a selection of products. Ransome Fighter 4 Player Set A new addition to the Talbo Torro badminton range, this family set comes complete with four rackets featuring lightweight aluminium heads and hardened […]
  • A new look

    By SGB sports on 19/11/2010
    A new-look SGB Sports is coming… A new-look SGB Sports website is on its way to supplement a new look to the magazine. Please bear with us as we look to reinvigorate the website and deliver a faster, better, more suitable website to meet the needs of your business. David Pittman, Editor, SGB Sports,
  • Carlton Vapour Trail Tour

    By SGB sports on 30/03/2009
    Carlton now has three premium ranges: Air Rage for players in search of power; Air Blade for those looking for control, and Vapour Trail, for players hoping for a balance between power and control. Nathan Robertson is playing the 84-gram Vapour Trail Tour, which is made from Japanese HM carbon, and comes complete with XTreme Tension. RRP: £140.00
  • Head

    By SGB sports on 30/03/2009
    As played by world number one Karim Darwish, the Xenon 135 CT features Head’s new Corrugated technology. Corrugated rails have been built into the racket shaft with a view to generating up to 12% more stiffness, for extra torsion and power. The Xenon 135 CT is one of six rackets in the new CT line. RRP: £139.99
  • Prince

    By SGB sports on 30/03/2009
    Built with much bigger holes, or Speedports, around the head of the frame than other rackets, Prince claims its 03 Speedport Black can move through the air up to 24% faster than other rackets, and the Speedports are also designed to allow the sweet spot of the racket to be enlarged into what Prince calls its ‘Sweetzone’. RRP: £160 […]