• Karakal

    By SGB sports on 30/03/2009
    Karakal has introduced two GTi frames for 2009. They have Power Wings built into the shaft for extra playability and stability. The GTi 120 GEL is made with Superlight High Impact Dispersion Nano Titanium Gel, combined with graphite and titanium, with a view to maximising stability. When the racket strikes the ball, Karakal says the impact is absorbed and dispersed […]
  • Carlton Vapour Trail Tour

    By SGB sports on 30/03/2009
    Carlton now has three premium ranges: Air Rage for players in search of power; Air Blade for those looking for control, and Vapour Trail, for players hoping for a balance between power and control. Nathan Robertson is playing the 84-gram Vapour Trail Tour, which is made from Japanese HM carbon, and comes complete with XTreme Tension. RRP: £140.00