Table Tennis

  • UK Table Tennis

    By SGB sports on 01/08/2007
    UK Table Tennis is the UK’s sole authorised importer of Cornilleau products. The brand organises its products into four categories to appeal to all players of the sport. Used for major events, all of the tables in the COMPETITION series (except the 540 model) are approved by the ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation). This range features both static and rollaway […]
  • Lion and Stiga

    By SGB sports on 01/08/2007
    STIGA has introduced two new products for 2007/08, the Premier and the Trinity table tennis bats. Both have concave handles and combined with the new superb Nano Technology have created a truly magnificent product. STIGA is a leading brand in the competition market and is famous for its ability to introduce excellent products. The new LION models for 2007/08 are […]
  • Tales from the table

    By SGB sports on 01/08/2007
    Table Tennis actually began as an afterdinner parlour game for upper class Victorians in the late 19th Century. At that time, a cigar box lid was used to hit a rounded Champagne cork over books on the dining room table. These days however, it’s a fast paced sport with the ball travelling at speeds of up to 70mph. I spoke […]