• The changing face of China

    By SGB sports on 01/01/2011
    For some sports brands, the changing face of China has caused problems in the supply chain. David Pittman spoke to those entrenched in the Far East, and those not, to find out what’s going on. The UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) China Business Guide (Third Edition) describes China as ‘the great economic success story of the last 30 years’, and […]
  • Raising the brand profile

    By SGB sports on 09/09/2010
    It’s been a busy year for Intersport with membership soaring and a strong branding and consumer marketing campaign rolling out across the UK. Yvonne Holberton talks to Susan Herbert, Intersport’s marketing and communications manager to find out how plans are taking effect to raise the brand profile. What does your new role at Intersport entail? My remit is to raise […]
  • Staying chilled

    By SGB sports on 18/08/2010
    The launch of Spearmark’s environmentally friendly EZ-Freeze Pure re-usable hydration bottles, combining patented freezer-stick technology with a water filtration system for chilled water on the go, has quickly caught the attention of retailers in the UK. Alex Bloom, commercial director at Spearmark talks to Yvonne Holberton about the benefits for sporting enthusiasts, retailers and the environment How is Spearmark doing […]
  • Primal discovery

    By SGB sports on 18/08/2010
    Primal Lifestyle’s Matt Walden explains the intriguing logic behind minimalist footwear, for which demand is growing fast For many years, the concept of cushioning the foot and supporting it has been conventional, mainstream and unchallenged ‘wisdom’. However, there is a growing understanding in various allied fields – from biomechanics to physiology, from hormonal health to nutrition – that our evolutionary […]

    By SGB sports on 04/07/2010
    With darts enjoying increasing global popularity, Yvonne Holberton spoke to Edward Lowy (pictured), managing director of Unicorn, to find out how the British company is maintaining its cutting edge How has Unicorn performed over the last 12 months? There remains a great deal of caution and conservatism in terms of retailers buying and consumers spending. Having said that, our figures […]
  • Head’s first dive

    By SGB sports on 10/02/2010
    Why is Head jumping into the swimming pool? The Head Group [includes] the brand Mares – a leading player in the sub-aquatic category. Our strategy was to use the expertise of Mares designers to move laterally into an associated aquatic area, leading naturally into swimming. Out of this challenge grew Head Liquidskin Swimwear. The technical expertise of Mares married to […]
  • A growing sphere of influence

    By SGB sports on 06/01/2010
    Aqua Sphere’s new Ironman Speedsuits were launched at the 2009 Ford Ironman World Championship at Kona, Hawaii in October, but what is wrong with Bolton? They have a perfectly good Ironman event there! Firstly, Hawaii is the ‘Big Daddy’ of Ironman events and receives massive coverage worldwide. Hawaii is where the original Ironman championships were founded so the heritage is […]
  • Going Digital

    By SGB sports on 19/11/2009
    You’re heavily involved with sports personalities. Do you think brand owners serve the needs of independent retailers with these sponsorships? Brand owners certainly make a serious effort to keep the retailer top of mind. The key issue is that brands should focus on the authenticity of their chosen ambassadors and in truth some brands don’t always get a good match. […]
  • Kookaburra

    By SGB sports on 05/11/2009
    Brett Elliot, Managing Director of Kookaburra Reader in the UK, spoke with SGB’s Paul Clapham about the brand, its position and its future… SGB: How do you position the brand, what are its key selling points from a retailer’s perspective? Brett Elliot: Kookaburra has always been perceived as an innovative dynamic brand. We pride ourselves on providing well presented, technically […]
  • Skins

    By SGB sports on 01/09/2009
    SGB: Skins is very well recognised with consumers and retailers for doing one thing really well; is there any worry that the new ranges – ie cycling gear – might weaken your core brand and the principles you’re recognised for? Ian Reid: It’s important to point out that at the core of our brand and product proposition is gradient compression. […]