• Tennis: Kneissl takes swing at UK market

    By SGB sports on 01/03/2011
    Austrian manufacturer Kneissl was big in the world of tennis in the 1980’s and 1990’s, and is now aiming to return to the top of the game in the 21st Century. Mark Limebear of Kneissl UK tells SGB Sports how it is planning to take on the UK market through independent specialists. Boris Becker, Ivan Lendl, Kevin Curren are all […]
  • Kneissl returns to UK market

    By SGB sports on 25/02/2011
    Austrian tennis equipment manufacturer returning to the UK market with new range of rackets; targeting specialist tennis retailers as route to market Austria’s Kneissl is bringing its ‘Star’ range of tennis rackets back to the UK after a number of years in the shadows, and said it is planning to target specialist tennis retailers as a route to market. Kneissl […]
  • Great expectations

    By SGB sports on 09/07/2010
    As Andy Murray prepares for the 2010 Wimbledon Championships, adidas has launched a new range of grass court apparel and footwear for the Scot Barricade polo Created with a classic, unfussy look, Murray’s new Barricade shirt features Climacool ventilation with a view to maintaining optimum body temperature in the heat. VividEdge bonded seams are designed to eradicate any irritating rubbing. […]
  • Tennis

    By SGB sports on 29/07/2009
    In an ideal world, I would be enthusing about the potential for the tennis sector thanks to Andy Murray winning Wimbledon, or at least reaching the final. It was one of the nearer near-misses, but it was not to be.  Certainly everyone in the industry is absolutely clear how important a Murray win would be to the market: massive, fantastic, […]
  • An annual awakening

    By SGB sports on 06/05/2009
    There are three grades of amateur tennis player in the UK: the hard core league stalwarts who wrap themselves up in multiple layers to doggedly pound balls against a floodlit practice wall in mid-winter; then there are the less obsessed yet still committed players who start limbering up once British Summer Time has commenced in March; and finally there is […]
  • 106 on the bounce

    By SGB sports on 06/05/2009
    While tennis rackets at the Wimbledon Championships will come in all colours and technological variations, the balls at Wimbledon will be as consistent as they have been for the past 105 years, which is the length of time Slazenger has been the official supplier of tennis balls to the Championships. The All England Lawn Tennis Club claims it is the […]
  • Slazenger tennis rackets and balls for 2008

    By SGB sports on 20/01/2008
    Slazenger chose the fashionable Chelsea Harbour Club to launch their 2008 Tennis Rackets and to introduce their latest signing – Naomi Cavaday.  Robin Gibson, Slazenger’s Head of Marketing remarked on her obvious talent and said that she was a rising star.Whether or not she reaches the dizzy heights of the legendary  Fred Perry, himself a Slazenger player, remains to be […]
  • O3 Speedport Leads Prince’s 2008 Tennis Range

    By SGB sports on 01/09/2007
    O3 Speedport, the latest development in the pioneering and internationally successful O3 racquet series from Prince, leads the brand’s tennis product range for 2008.In only two short years, the visible O3 technology – which transformed pin-sized string holes into giant Oports – has revolutionised tennis. Named “Hottest Racquet Technology” by Tennis Magazine in the USA,O3 has given close to 100 […]
  • Wilson – tennis and squash

    By SGB sports on 01/09/2007
    Wilson, the No.1 tennis brand, is expanding its [K]Factor racket range to offer a racket to every skill level and type of player after [K]Factor rackets took both singles titles at Wimbledon. Four more [K]Factor rackets are being added to the range – the [K]One, [K]Three, [K]Four and [K]Zen.Wilson introduced the professional end of the range earlier this year following […]

    By SGB sports on 01/09/2007
    The new 2008 range of Dunlop AEROGEL tennis rackets have been developed using the latest technology. Dunlop AEROGEL rackets incorporate the world’s lightest solid, which has a strength of up to 4,000 times its own weight. The three dimensional nanometer-sized molecular network delivers an unmatched strengthto- weight ratio for enhanced stiffness and increased power.The racket design delivers enhanced stiffness and […]