DMP targets Tune Belt growth

Electronic device carrier range to grow across the sports market with introduction of new products and ongoing growth in smartphone sector

DMP, the exclusive UK distributor of Tune Belt products, is targeting growth across the sports trade with the range of neoprene carriers for portable electronic devices.

Tune Belt accessories are suitable for a range of equipment, notably smartphones such as Apple’s iPhone and HTC’s line of Android operating system powered handsets. There is also one for the latest generation of iPod Nano MP3 players which can be paired with a Nike+ receiver.

DMP’s Alice Molloy said the products are already starting to make inroads into the market against tough competition from larger names such as Nike, with retailers taking stock. The AB76+ iPod Nano variant is also being stocked through Apple stores.

Molloy said: “We are a smaller company but the product stands up on its own. We are already having success with shops as the products offer a good margin and we require no minimum order quantity, plus other benefits.”

It is now considering other options to help grow interest in Tune Belt in the UK, including becoming involved with a buying group. “Growing the business and breaking into the market even more is very important to me. Some retailers that are members of a buying group have recommended we start working with them so we want to open up that channel of communication.”