IFSC accounces Plenary Assembly 2016

The 11th Annual Plenary Assembly of the IFSC will be held on 20 February. The event comes just two months before the start the upcoming season and six months before the official announcement of the selection of possible new events/sports for Tokyo 2020. Sport Climbing is on the shortlist.

In the Middle East for the first time, the 11th Plenary Assembly of the IFSC will take place in Tehran (IRI). After the European city of Baden (Switzerland) in 2015, the Plenary Assembly is moving to a new continent for the event. 50 national federations from all over the world will be represented at the meeting, with a total of about 70 participants.

The agenda features a wealth of topics related to the future of Sport Climbing, promising some exciting discussions. “The meeting is a great occasion for looking ahead to the oncoming year, without forgetting the legacy of 2015”, says Marco Maria Scolaris, IFSC president. “In 2016 we’ll be back to Paris Bercy for the IFSC Climbing and Paraclimbing World Championships, in Shanghai for the World University Championships and in Guangzhou for the IFSC World Youth Championships: those will be the leading events, although a rich World Cup Series, with some inspiring new entries, will bring great excitement.”