Ulf Bjerknes: From Rottefella to Swix
Ulf Bjerknes, President of Norwegian binding specialist Rottefella since 2003, will leave the company in order to take over as Managing Director at Norwegian snow sports specialist Swix. To date, a successor has not been appointed. According to own information, Rottefella produced in 2007 more than a million bindings.

Elan: Alex Klinger directs snowboards worldwide
At Elan’s, Alex Klinger joins Primoz Plestenjak and is responsible for the worldwide direction of snowboards. Ulf Jenson took over the functions of the former Killer-Loop- and Bauer-Nike-manager at Elan Germany. Klinger (34) has been working for the company for two years and is responsible for sales and marketing of the brands Artec and Elan.
Flow: Europe-headquarters in Munich
The Neil Pryde Group (Hong Kong) transferred their Europe-headquarters for the snowboard brand Flow from Annecy to Munich. The 34-year-old Jens Hartmann is the Europe-wide Sales and Marketing Manager. He is the successor of the Frenchman David Picamoles who left the company after twelve years. Since February 2004, Hartmann was Division Manager for Flow and Icetools in Germany.
Chiemsee I: New licensee for watches and jewellery
Boardsports wear supplier Chiemsee changed its marketing partner for the watches and jewellery collection: The Pro/Concept GmbH (Viernheim/Germany) founded in 1998, to whom licensers belongs also s.Oliver (also watches and jewellery), replaces the Lifestyle Group (Eching/Germany).
Chiemsee II: Changes in sales and marketing
Dietmat Damith, responsible for international sales, marketing and licenses at boardsports wear supplier Chiemsee since 2001, has dropped out of their management team. Andreas Mittag (32) takes over his marketing functions, Thomas Pietsch (31) his position in sales.
Former Mistral manager Damith remains responsible for the coordination of the licenses and trademark rights, but in a reduced time limit. He is the managing partner (with shares of 60%) at the newly founded Sport Invest Search Central Europe (Holzkirchen, near Munich), a headhunter company which is affiliated with the French Sport Invest Group (Paris/Biarritz), and concentrates on clients in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Besides the group (30%), former Rip Curl manager Andi Gugenheimer also owns 10% of shares.
Plouquet/Sympatex: Thomas Baierlein replaces Martin Friedrich
Thomas Baierlein replaces Martin Friedrich, who left the company, as spokesman of the management at Plouquet’s and its affiliated company Sympatex. The 48-year-old made his mark in sports at Reebok, where he functioned from 1995 to 1998 as member of the management, as Sales Director in Germany and Austria, and as Marketing Director in central Europe.
Holmenkol: New managers and shareholders
Wax and cleaning products specialist Holmenkol becomes an incorporation, is supported by new shareholders and gets a further general manager.
Thomas Schultheis, until the turn of the year active in several leading positions, is the new co-General Manager besides the long-term, up to now sole General Manager Christian Romlein – a development which was made within the changing of Holmenkol into an incorporation. Moreover, there exists a new shareholder structure (turnover in 2006/07: 4.5 million Euro): The former majority shareholder, cleaning products supplier Loba (70%), backed out, the former second shareholder Nanogate increased its shares from 30% to 50%, and the remaining 50% went to Nanostart, a private equity investor based in Frankfurt on the Main.
Germany: Turnover of sporting goods retailers
According to the presentation of Intersport Germany, corporate organised sport shops have developed better than the warehouses in the past five years. In 2006, Intersport Germany increased its turnover by 4% up to 2,32 billion Euro, Sport 2000 Germany 1% up to 950 million Euro, and Galeria Kaufhof 1% up to 295 million Euro. The result of Karstadt Sport remained the same (505 million), while the rest of the sporting goods retailers made an overall combined turnover of 3.03 billion.