Introducing Xtenex Elastic Laces

A growing number of athletes are switching to Xtenex Elastic Laces to achieve extra comfort and support while running short distances, Marathons and Ultra Running.

The patented knot design allows the runner to adjust the tension at each section of the lacing system and maintain those comfort settings at all times. This means that on every forward stride taken there will be an even distribution of pressure rather than a merging of pressure to the bow end when your foot starts to expand inside the shoe during exercise.

Xtenex laces also help to reduce compression for runners with a high instep allowing more freedom of movement and better blood circulation; so that by the time you finish exercising, your feet will feel less tired than before and will recover faster.

Xtenex laces are designed not only to benefit top sportsmen but also for adults and children to use in their sports and casual shoes.