Kinetica launches new shakes

Irish sports supplement brand unveils ready-to-drink range; first since entering UK market at start of year

Irish sports supplement brand Kinetica has launched a new range of ready-to-drink protein shakes to the UK market.

There are three flavours in the range; vanilla caramel, banana and strawberry. Each 330ml shake contains 27% protein, is fat free and just 170 calories.

They are provided in an ergonomically designed bottle, which Kinetica said can be easily carried and stored.

This is the first new range of products from Kinetica since it launched in the UK earlier this year.

Kinetica said: “It’s the most convenient and easy way to enjoy protein whilst on the move.

“Kinetica ready-to-drink shakes replenish your body’s amino acid levels, support lean muscle growth and aid recovery.  Ideal for all athletes and fitness enthusiasts, these delicious shakes are absorbed quickly by the body allowing you to achieve the maximum effect in a short space of time.”