Mission Athlete Care announces its expansion into Europe

Dwight_3U.S. sporting goods specialist, Mission Athlete Care, today announced its launch into Europe, with a focus on UK, French, German and Spanish markets. 

This is the first time the company has moved into a market outside the of the U.S. and is a significant step to selling Mission products worldwide.

Mission is the first and only line of Athlete-Engineered™ products designed to improve performance and safety in competition. Led by a premier group of world-class athletes, including Serena Williams, Dwyane Wade and David Wright, among others. The company is pioneering an entirely new category in the sports industry known as athletecare™.

Mission knows that athletes have a unique set of needs – before, during and after their training and competition. To meet those dynamic needs, the Misson lab team is spearheaded by world-renowned doctors, scientists and athletes who collaboratively engineer the Mission products to meet the highest demands of performance.

2015 Australian Open - Day 6Specialising in non-chemical cooling fabrics that regulate body temperature Mission is pioneering thermoregulation as a category within sports apparel and accessories. This leading technology can be found in its flagship product the EnduraCool Towel. The towel’s cooling effect is activated by adding water and snapping the towel, allowing air to pass through whilst regulating the rate of evaporation: effectively accelerating and prolonging the rate of evaporative cooling. The function and technical attributes of this product make it a high performance, versatile offering.

Today, Mission has over 25 high-performance product innovations in its portfolio and is sold in nearly 20,000 stores across the U.S.

Visit Mission online at www.MISSIONathletecare.com, www.facebook.com/MISSIONathletecare