MP and Aqua Sphere launch training suits

MP training suits - mens under water

The launch of the MP brand last year has created a new line of premier competitive swim gear and training equipment.

This February, MP training suits are the latest products to arrive at retail in the UK and they are designed to effectively meet the durability demands of competitive swimmers. Made from XLance Eco, a technologically advanced sustainable fabric which is extremely chlorine-proof, the elasticity in these swimsuits remains the same even after 240 hours in the pool. In addition, the fabric has an immensely long-lasting resistance to sweat and sun cream.  Further to their invaluable technologically-advanced features which competitive swimmers will welcome, Phelps himself enjoys electrifying colours and patterns and he has personally selected the vibrant fabric prints which give the range huge visual appeal.  The end result is a range of MP training suits which not only perform well, they look super stylish.


With their vast expertise, Phelps and Bowman had very clear ideas about what should be improved in the world of competitive swim gear. In creating the MP brand, Aqua Sphere relied on them to drive the product development priorities and provide feedback throughout the process in order to convert those ideas into working products.

Phelps will train using the entire line of MP swim gear heading into the 2016 Olympics.

“The 2016 line of MP products builds off of the successful launch of the brand in April 2015,” says a spokesman for Aqua Sphere. “We look forward to the continued introduction of innovative technical swim products to serve competitive swimmers’ needs.”