Number of UK Fitness Members exceeds 9 million for the first time

leisure databaseThe 2016 State of the UK Fitness Industry Report reveals that the UK health and fitness industry is continuing to grow. It has more clubs, more members and a greater market value than ever before.

The industry has experienced another year of impressive growth over the twelve month period to the end of March 2016, with increases of 1.9% in the number of fitness facilities, 5.3% in the number of members and 3.2% in market value.

For the first time ever, member numbers have exceeded 9 million. 1 in every 7 people in the UK is a member of a gym, an all-time penetration rate high of 14.3%.

The influential low cost market with its large membership numbers, online joining, 24/7 opening hours and low price points has continued to expand rapidly and drive the growth in the industry. The private low cost sector now accounts for 12% of the total number of private clubs, 13% of the private market value and a huge 32% of the private sector membership.

For the first time ever, a low cost fitness operator is the UK’s number one. Pure Gym have added 60 clubs in the last 12 months taking them past the 150 mark and into the top position.

Summary of Key Facts

  • There are now 6,435 fitness facilities in the UK, up from 6,312 last year.
  • Total industry membership is up 5.3% to 9.2 million.
  • Total market value is estimated at £4.4 billion, up 3.2% on 2015.
  • The UK penetration rate is 14.3%, compared to 13.7% in the previous year.
  • 224 new public and private fitness facilities opened in the last 12 months, up from 191 in 2015.