Odlo to focus on European production

2010 CSR report outlines plans by functional sportswear manufacturer to expand European production

Odlo intends to grow its European production in the future as other markets struggle to meet demand for its products.

In its 2010 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report, Odlo said it produced a record 6.2 million garments from two collections last year, with around two thirds manufactured in Europe.

Sales totalled CHF173.3m (£116m) through 4,500 sales points worldwide in 2010.

It said it is working to grow its European production levels due to ‘social upheavals’ in Asia that mean the market there is unable to support increased demand with sufficient production capacity.

Odlo already has two state-of-the-art production facilities in Portugal and Romania, as well as working with third-party partners across Europe. It said it is now ‘increasing the production capacity in its own production facilities, ensuring the highest functionality and quality’.

Other highlights from the CSR report, which is freely available online at www.odlo.com, include social audits being carried out at producers’ production plants, further progress with the Odlo Climate Initiative 2011 – 2013 and the introduction of an internet tool showing the development cycle of products.

Chief executive officer Andreas Kessler said: “Sustainability is gaining increasing significance, not least in the sporting industry. Consumers expect sustainable, high-quality products. They want to be sure that the products were made in an ecologically and socially responsible way.

“To Odlo, CSR represents a core issue.”