Pacquiao to develop darts with Target

Boxing champion and dart brand to develop ‘most exciting products ever to hit the world darts market’, available worldwide from May

Boxing champion Manny Pacquiao and dart brand Target have signed a deal that will see the pair collaborate on a new set of products featuring the boxer’s name.

Target and Pacquiao will create the boxer’s own personal range of soft and steel-tip darts, flights, surrounds, and bristle and soft-tip dart boards. The entire product line will be on sale globally from May this year after launching in Pacquiao’s native Philippines.

Target managing director Garry Plummer said: “We are absolutely delighted to be working with someone of Pacquiao’s calibre who is a sports icon known throughout the world. Not only is Manny a fantastically talented competitor in the boxing ring, but he also conducts himself with great dignity and professionalism, and it is a wonderful accolade for everyone at the company to be working with such a renowned sporting ambassador.

“Aside from his record-breaking boxing exploits, [he] is a great scholar of the game of darts, as well as a highly talented dart player. He is also a generous patron to the sport, having sponsored his own darts tournaments; which have been held in his native Philippines and Los Angeles in recent years.

“[His] enthusiasm for the game of darts and our knowledge, built over nearly forty years in business, will result in a wonderful addition to our product range, and I am confident that sports fans around the globe will be as excited as both Manny and I are about what we manage to create over the forthcoming months.”

Target will also design and manufacture a new Manny Pacquiao darts pack for children. Target Darts’ international sales manager Matt Gilewicz said: “Pacquiao’s commitment to helping children improve their numeracy skills through playing darts was the sole reason for the ‘Family Pack’ dart set.”

The darts sets will be part of an educational initiative designed to help promote enhanced math skills in Pacquiao’s native Philippines. This will compliment Pacquiao’s on-going charitable endeavours, as well as his political initiatives as a congressman for the district of Sarangani in Mindanao.

The ‘Family Pack’ will contain a Pacquiao branded paper board, which will come with two sets of Pacquiao branded darts. Separate Pacquiao poster-size sticker sets, including a dart board surround sticker, will also be available with each set.