Pain does not equal gain

The amount of training you do is key to determining your risk of injury. Intensive training can produce tired muscles, which may not be able to withstand the vigour of further activity. Tired muscles are less able to protect associated connective tissues, which increases the risk of damage to bones, cartilage, tendons, and ligaments. So watch out!
In many cases, the sports injury incurred is not a new one, but simply a recurrence of a previous problem – simply put, a history of injury is a very good predictor of a future one. If, for example, you have knees that are put under heavy stress because of poor form, your hips or knees are likely to be hurt when you engage in sport for long periods of time.After recovery, if you re-establish your training regime without improving your form/ biomechanics or strengthening your hip muscles, those areas are very likely to be injured again.

The number of consecutive days you train on is also a very good indicator of future injury. Scientific studies suggest that reducing the number of consecutive days training (not the amount of it),would give you much more average recovery time between sessions and therefore lower your risk of injury. Recovery time reduces injury rates by giving muscles and connective tissues an opportunity to restore and repair themselves between workouts – so by all means do a standard four hours a week, but give yourself a break in between.

Psychological factors can also play a role in producing injuries. Tension may make the muscles and tendons tauter, increasing the risk that they will be harmed during workouts – so by all means be competitive, but stay calm!

Many injuries are caused by muscles simply not being ready to handle the demands of a particular sport. This is why people who are starting a running programme for the first time often find that, as they increase mileage they develop foot or ankle problems, hamstring soreness, or low-back pain. For that reason, it is advised that you combine resistance training with your regular training, as this can strengthen the muscles and make them less susceptible to damage, especially if the strength building exercise involves movements that are similar to those associated with the preferred sport.

There are a number of brands that have set out to help prevent sports injury.Here we focus on just a few …


As highlighted in our news pages, Blackburn Rovers has asked Aquasphere to supply the club with a range of products. Swimming and pool running is a vital part of an all-round fitness programme for the club’s professional players,which also places significant importance on hydrotherapy to help in the rehabilitation of injuries. BRFC Head Physio,Dave Fevre, commented: “The buoyancy that water provides to the body reduces the impact on muscles and joints, allowing injured and noninjured players to target and develop the strength and stamina of particular muscle groups with a significantly reduced risk of strain or aggravated injury.” 


Skins was formed over four years ago in Australia, and continues to operate out of Sydney.

In June ’06, the company incorporated Skins Ltd., a wholly owned UK based subsidiary, to launch Skins in Europe as part of a global strategy to build an international brand.

Following an extensive research and development programme, the Skins brand has since evolved into the undisputed market leader in the compression/therapeutic garment product category. Central to this are the truly unique therapeutic features and benefits associated with the product:

a) BioAcceleration technology – engineered gradient compression which applies a balanced and accurate surface pressure over specific body parts. This triggers enhanced blood flow and increases oxygen delivery to working muscles. The subsequent improvement in circulation helps the body to eliminate lactic acid and other metabolic wastes. In combination, these effects enable the individual to work at a higher rate and for longer.

b) Skin>>fit: – Skins’ creation of the correct compression is based on a body mass index (BMI) algorithm. A unique sizing system based on this algorithm allows for a truly customised fit. By controlling the elasticity of the fabric in conjunction with the specific garment pattern and BMI size grid, Skins ensures the correct level of surface pressure for the vast majority of body shapes.

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combined wrapping and compression effect dramatically reduces muscle vibration resulting in less soft tissue damage and muscle soreness. It also assists in accelerating recovery times.

d) Skin>>temp: – smart fabric works to optimise and regulate the body temperature in both warm and cool conditions. Other key elements include: Skin>>dry – (moisture management properties), Skin>>fresh – (permanent antibacterial and antimicrobial treatment to prevent bacterial growth and odour) and Skin>>UVblock – (provides SPF 50+ protection from the sun). All product claims can be substantiated by independent test reports, and the product range is endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Associaton.

In training the principal benefit is that by wearing Skins products, there is a reduction in muscle fatigue (improved blood and oxygen delivery to the muscles reduces lactic acid build up) allowing harder, longer training sessions without having an adverse effect on the body. In turn this enables the individual to sustain performance and skill levels over a longer period of time in a competitive environment. The importance attached to the post activity period,with particular reference to the recovery aspect, is now recognised as a key element for the well being of the individual. In this context it is recognised that Skins Travel & Recovery tights can assist in reducing the recovery period (muscle soreness, soft tissue injuries etc.) so that the individual can return to full training as soon as possible. It is not uncommon for players to wear these garments on return journeys from events, or even to sleep in them!

There is a general misconception about compression garments being more for the winter season. Skins has been asked to supply various runners that participate in the Marathon des Sables, one of the hottest races, with white long sleeve tops and longtights. Not only are the products breathable enough to be used in hot weather, they also offer sun protection and most importantly, the mentioned therapeutic benefits.


Manufacturers of compression and temperature regulatory base layers, Linebreak has launched its new spring/summer range.

A new design of tights has been introduced that offer improved support for the major muscle groups and increase the compression effect in the primary areas for even better training and recovery effect.

The colour options widen the offering in the women’s range to incorporate a Charcoal/Blue and Black range alongside the existing Slate/Pink.Whilst the addition of a Red range for the men’s offers a wider consumer choice.