PureLime reports success after reclaiming UK distribution

Scandinavian sportswear brand sees business go from strength-to-strength after taking UK distribution back in-house

Scandinavian sportswear brand PureLime has seen business blossom since taking distribution of it products in the UK back in-house. PureLime was formerly distributed by swimwear brand Zoggs in the UK, but since last autumn has retaken control of its distribution.

PureLime’s Martin Hudson said the decision to move away from Zoggs was completely amicable and born out of a want to target areas of the sports retail market unlikely to be served by Zoggs.

Hudson said: “Zoggs has seen its swimwear go from strength-to-strength, so it had its hands full with that. We also want to break into new markets, which it was unlikely we were about to do near-term with Zoggs.

“We want to get into more and more independent retailers and spread across the high street, which is outside Zoggs’ heartland.”

Hudson added that Zoggs never distributed PureLime’s full range, which, apart from sports bras and seamless baselayers, includes tennis and fitness clothing, and accessories. By taking distribution back under its own control, PureLime is able to take its whole portfolio to the market.

“Our tennis range is pretty big in America, where tennis is a more popular pastime. We can now push the whole range onto the UK market,” said Hudson.

“The first season we did on our own was autumn/winter 2010, which went reasonably well. Forward orders for the spring/summer collection are even better than that already.”

Hudson said PureLime’s UK operation is now looking to grow to handle the positive response it has had from the market. It currently has six agents working across the UK, and wants to add more. He won’t be rushed into appointing though, and said: “It’s about getting the right people to be the face of the brand.

“We’re really pleased, and want to grow our market share in the UK even further as it is a market we want to be part of.”