Run with it

The human foot was originally ‘designed’ to travel on soft, natural surfaces like earth and sand, Richard told me during our meeting at SGB towers.“Unfortunately, instead of soft earth,we now spend every day walking and standing on unnatural hard, flat surfaces like pavements and floors. These surfaces force our feet to roll over to gain ground contact and our arches to flatten. Rolling over of the foot – or ‘Excess Pronation’ is believed to effect over 70% of the population”.
Interestingly, although the foot rolls inwards, often the shoe will wear excessively on the outside edge of the heel. This is because the foot normally lands on the outside edge first and consequently rolls over causing excess pronation as a compensatory motion. For more information, check out our Health page.

ORTHAHEEL orthotics is a flexible orthotic shoe insert invented by podiatrist Phillip Vasyli to re-align the feet and ankles to their natural position and to correct body posture.

In turn,Orthaheel provides natural, lasting relief and comfort from many aches and pains. This medical device was awarded the Silver Medal in the Medical category at the 21st Convention of New Inventions, Geneva, Switzerland.

There are 7 different models of ORTHAHEEL orthotic shoe inserts for various types of footwear and activities. In addition, there is a range of orthotic shoes and sandals with the ORTHAHEEL technology already builtin to the footwear.

Vasyli aims to educate the retailer explained Richard: “This is a technical product that does not have to be sold in a technical manner.” Every product is backed by a 30- day money back guarantee upon proof of purchase. The brand has been established in the UK for 10 years in independent pharmacies and Boots – a testimony its credibility. The returns rate, said Richard, does not even register. The company also has a medical division, supplying to the NHS and private sector.

“ORTHAHEEL was invented to provide the medical grade support and relief not found in cushioned insoles, yet positioned at an affordable price.”

The team will provide in-store training to retailers and ongoing support.