Samurai takes coaching into 21st Century

Sportswear brand to handle new smartphone app designed to improve rugby coaching and analysis

Samurai Sportswear is to be the UK distributor for a new software tool designed to improve rugby coaching analysis.

The iCoach Rugby app can be downloaded onto smartphones and tablet PCs and provide an analysis tool that allows data to be entered during training or a match and made available immediately for analysis.

The app allows for the analysis of both individual and team performance by registering and time stamping statistics, which are then emailed to players and coaches.

It has been initially designed for use at school and club level but can be used for rugby coaching at all levels. Australian coach Tony Hargood, the man behind the iCoach Rugby app, said the premise is also suitable for other sports, such as football, netball and tennis.

As a distributor, Samurai Sportswear will handle the marketing of the app as well as enquiries and registrations from those that have downloaded and wish to use the app in the UK. It is available for iPhones, iPads and other Apple hardware, as well as Android operating system powered devices.

Samurai Sportswear managing director Terry Sands said: “We are seriously excited about the iCoach Rugby app.

“It is so easy and simple to use; combine that with the immediacy of information and affordability, and it sets itself apart from anything else on the market.”