SKINS go carbon ‘positive’ with the launch of ‘Carbonyte’

The use of carbon fibre is the key feature in SKINS latest addition to its active sportswear range for the 2014/15 autumn and winter season. The new Carbonyte range represents a new  concept in men’s and youth functional baselayer tops and bottoms.

Created with energetic team players and active sportsmen in mind, the Carbonyte Functional Baselayer has been fully tested with partners at Bath Rugby and Stoke City FC.

The result is a high-quality, functional baselayer that moves with your body to provide full freedom of movement and comfort during competitive action at any level.

The name Carbonyte has been derived from the Carbon thread that’s weaved into strategically placed ventilation panels to utilise the thread’s natural properties. This reduces friction in those high working areas around the arms and legs.

The carbon’s bacteriostatic fibres also reduces the build up of odour which results in a fresher feeling during performance while the additional use of SKINdry technology accelerates the evaporation of perspiration and slows the build up of humidity to help maintain a constant temperature during physical performance.
SKINS Carbonyte is available in a range of colours to ensure your perfect tight-fit, functional base layer is a suitable colour match for player’s team kit.