Sunwise unveils the latest brand images from the public

The Great British eyewear brand, Sunwise loves to hear from their customers and is excited to have recently unveiled the latest brand images from their quarterly customer questionnaires.

The award winning brand has shared a selection of the brand images from the public. Speaking of the functional benefits of the quality designed eyewear the public said Sunwise was innovative, great quality, versatile, sports specific, functional, well-made, great value and accessible for all.

And of the emotional benefits of the UK brand customers said Sunwise was individual, awesome, fun, sporty, brilliant, modern, effortlessly stylish and up for a challenge.

General Trade sunwise

Customers described Sunwise as outgoing and energetic with a passion for performance and brilliant customer service; feedback the brand loves to receive!

Maria Aries, Brand Director said: ‘It’s our commitment and passion to communicate with all customers and drive the promotions of the brand, build loyalty and long term relationships into the new 2016 season and beyond.’,

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