Target’s new Survivor range signifies the ‘beginning of a new battle’

This range of soft-tip darts includes four unique barrel designs (Machete, Kukri, Skinner and Ax) that cater exclusively for different markets

Each model has been named after a weapon of survival. The barrels are 90% tungsten and feature specially chromed grooves to give a look of classic weaponry. Machete is the heaviest weighted barrel at 17g, with Skinner at 16.7g and Kukri/Ax at 16.5g. They are all laser engraved with the Survivor logo. This range includes its own ‘Survivor’ branded new Target Shaft, as well as specially branded Survivor flights. Machete is the longest barrel at 44mm, with Skinner at 42mm then Ax (40mm) and Kukri (36mm).

Survivor will be available in soft-tip version only and are aimed at soft-tip players.

However, the distinctive feature of the Survivor range is that each set comes with a pair of uniquely numbered Dog tags. The idea is players using the Survivor range will be able to challenge each other for their dog tags – with the winner ‘claiming’ both sets and taking them home. When a player has won ten sets of Survivor Dog-Tags, they can send them in to Target and they will issue a new, exclusively designed set of gold tags for them – meaning they have become an ultimate ‘Survivor’.