Trion:Z’s magnetic appeal

David Pittman finds out about the appeal of Trion:Z and how its products work

Trion:Z launched in in Japan over a decade ago with a mission to promote a healthy and active lifestyle. It is claimed the products, including wristbands, necklaces and body supports, are used every day by millions of people around the world who believe in the benefits of the technology.

From the professional sphere, Rory McIlroy is probably the most well-known athlete wearing Trion:Z products, particularly since becoming the youngest winner of the US Open golf championship since 1923.

Golf is a big sport for Trion:Z, with up-and-coming stars like Japan’s Ryo Ishikawa and American Rickie Fowler seen sporting its products, but athletes in a host of other fields, such as England cricketer James Anderson and Australian triathlete Michellie Jones, are to be seen wearing its products also, as are world champion squash player Nick Matthew and Nathan Robertson, an English badminton player who has recorded  international success over the past seven years. Trion:Z says it is this support that allows it to claim to be the ‘trump card of sportsmen and women all over the world’.

Trion:Z products combine negative ionic and magnetic technology in a unique formula offering strong medical grade magnets and increasing the absorption of negative ions by the body. The magnets are positioned in a north-south polarity orientation, patented by Trion:Z as ANSPO technology, which enhances the power of the magnets to stimulate blood circulation and aid with muscle stiffness.

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