Web exclusive: Baselayers tried and tested

Recreational sports enthusiast and SGB Sports sales executive Andy Morfey puts some baselayers through their paces.

First of all I trialled Highlander’s new baselayer which features a bamboo weave. This is antibacterial and prevents body odour. My first impression of the top was that it’s a very simple styling which may not appeal to everyone but the top had an extremely soft feel and nice tight fit.

It kept me relatively warm whilst outside in the harsh winter playing golf and did what it said it would on the box.

I also trialled the new Skins A400 range, the packaging of which was really impressive and it felt great to wear, albeit after I wrestled to get it on. I once again used it for golf and also jogging. It felt really supportive and kept my body temperature at a good level and I was impressed with the quality and styling of the product. The leggings also helped aid my recovery after the jog which can of course only be a plus

2XU have on its packaging that it is supported by the Australian Institute of Sport which filled me with confidence that the product was of great quality. After once again wrestling to get it on, I went jogging and the performance was as good as the Skins apparel.

2XU offer a standard and elite range; I tried both and if I’m honest I didn’t feel much difference in the two apart from the styling was a little different. I also really like the big silver X on the forearm

The leggings were quite a bit tighter than the Skins A400 but this was neither a negative nor positive for me as it aided recovery around the same timescale as the Skins product.

All in all I think compression clothing is great. Whether it aids performance I don’t know but it definitely offered me a great placebo effect and it looks great.

I think that the compression clothing era has a lot to offer us yet.