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Are your staff really maximising those sales?

01 May, 2007

M-C is the UK arm ofMarchés Conclus, an international retail consultancy specialising in increasing sales by improving the performance of management and sales staff. Established 30 years ago, it has trained 35,000 people in Belgium, Brazil, France, Germany,Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland. It has also worked with major international companies in a number of sectors, including auto, computing, electrical goods, fashion, food, footwear, furniture and health & beauty.

M-C’s clients include PC World, Clarks,Multiyork, Euronics,Conforama, Fnac, Jacadi,Monoprix,Yves Rocher, IBM,Apple, Thomson, SNCF and Renault. The company films real life selling situations in stores, and makes a video focusing on increasing average transaction value and closing more sales - 'Marchés conclus' means 'done deals' in French.

In the 30 March 2007 issue,Retail Week published the results of a survey of 1,100 shoppers. The number one complaint (from 71% of respondents) was "Rude or unhelpful staff." In its conclusions,Retail Week said:"While retailers may have grand strategies on customer service, these are failing to feed through to the shopfloor." The report claims that retailers: "Need to show staff what good service looks like."

This is exactly what M-C does and in the most graphic way possible,with films of the retailer's own staff demonstrating good and bad practice. The company has compiled a lexicon of behavioural characteristics typically found in retail sales transactions that have a significant impact on the outcome. It produces bottom line results by replicating best practice throughout the client's stores. Statements from our clients cite turnover increases of 25% after training by M-C.

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