Presconded loans What is the trap of this banking product?

It is very common in our days for banks to offer loans or loans without requesting them from their clients in order to increase the amount of loans granted by the entity. This is happening to many people, that without coming to mind, they get an SMS, an email, a phone call or a notification in their online banking where they offer X thousands of euros in the form of pre-conceived loan.

Every day it is more common for banks to offer us preconceived loans. This is mainly because they have analyzed our profile, they know the level of solvency we have and they are sure that we can return the money without problems.

As we have already analyzed our relationship with the entity, our income, our expenses and other factors that take into account the time of managing a loan application, and the risk department of the bank will have given its approval to the granting of that loan. 

So if we want that money we just have to accept it and it will be deposited in the bank account. In general, pre-granted loans offered by banks usually have worse conditions than personal loans that we can request on our own. As always, not all are like that, but we can talk about the majority and the generality of them.

How can I know if a pre-agreed loan is convenient for me?

Mainly tend to have higher interests than we could get with other lenders, such as quabank or bankil. It is usually because being pre-granted there is no negotiation, this also means that if we accept the credit we will have the money instantly in our bank account.

But to know if we are interested in this pre-granted personal loan provided by our bank, we must ask ourselves some key questions, such as: do I need the money that they are offering me? If yes, can I meet the payment of fees without seeing me suffocated?

Although it is assumed that the entity provides us with the amount that has been studied as we can return, this does not mean that it is so. They only know what goes through the account, do not know if we have other debts for example. We must know what situation our personal and family finances are in and whether or not we really want to apply for a loan.

And finally, if we really need the money, it is advisable that before accepting the pre-granted loan provided by our bank we analyze the other options available in the market and if what our bank offers is the best option.

What other personal loan options do I have?

If you really need a personal loan, you can compare the offer that your bank has made with those that you can find in various online comparators, such as the one you will find on our personal loan comparison page. We must not forget to analyze if the loan offered by the bank goes with a linked product or service or if it is only a personal loan, since this will make the final price very expensive.

Some of the options we have if we want a personal loan without changing banks are the following:


We can get up to € 15,000 in a maximum period of 6 years.

This personal loan has neither linkages nor commissions, the APR is from 6.95% and we will be able to dispose of the requested money in about 48 hours.

bankil Project Credit

With this personal online loan we can get up to € 15,000 in a maximum return period of 6 years. This service also does not have commissions or obligatory links. We can have the money in our bank account in about 24 hours and the APR is from 5.6%.

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