After facing rape allegations, actor Vijay Babu reveals name of ‘victim’ live on FB

By Express press service

Malayalam actor and film producer Vijay Babu, who is now facing rape allegations after an actor released a #metoo allegation, courted further trouble when he revealed the actor’s name in a live video on Facebook. In the live Facebook made in the early hours of Wednesday, he repeatedly revealed the name of the actor who filed a rape complaint against him.

He said: “I am prepared to face any legal consequences for revealing the name of the actor who made the allegations against me”. He said the allegations tarnished his name, causing pain and enormous embarrassment to his family and friends.

Although revealing the identities of victims of certain offenses like sexual assault is punishable by law, Vijay Babu said he was also ready to face this charge. He said: “Whether it’s allegations of rape or consensual sex, I have all the evidence, including messages and 400 screenshots sent by the actor to clear my name.”

“I have known the actor in particular since 2018. I have done nothing wrong. In fact, I am the victim here. I will be filing a defamation suit. I met her after she associated with me on a film project. She joined the project after being selected after a proper audition,” said the 45-year-old actor who ran a successful film production company.

This is the second time that Vijay Babu has courted the troubles of women working in the film industry. In 2017, producer Sandra Thomas filed an assault complaint against him.

Law enforcement sources said a preliminary investigation was launched after an FIR was filed based on the actor’s complaint.

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