Automotive tech companies launch EV video education platform

Three automotive technology and research companies have teamed up to create electric vehicle videos to help consumers find the right vehicle for their needs.

inSearchX, an advisory and consultancy services organization, says its AskOtto quiz uses AI to scientifically recommend electric vehicle models that match the consumer’s needs and lifestyle. Consumers answer five questions about their vehicle preferences, attitudes and demographics to score each electric vehicle model based on that individual’s predicted ownership satisfaction.

Intuitive Interaction, a video technology company, creates a personalized video based on the generated vehicle recommendations and provides an in-depth review, analysis, and insight into each recommended vehicle. From there, the companies say consumers can activate a “perpetual search” with AskOtto to locate recommended vehicles available for sale nearby. Consumers can connect directly with the associated merchant without sharing any personal contact information.

Strategic Vision, a global consulting and advisory service, then uses its automotive consumer research and vehicle selection data to deliver content solutions based on consumer requirements and needs.

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