Buckeyes recruiting goals; name to remember; Support for 5-star athletes; and more…

Good evening Bucknuts members and visitors! There’s a lot going on with football recruiting at Ohio State, so let’s get started! I will of course have many more throughout the night and tomorrow.

1) With security late afternoon engagement Jayden Bonsu at Ohio State, that means the Buckeyes have now filled their minimum needs to another position. On safety, the Buckeyes’ goal was at least three safeties and four if they could get four they liked enough, and Bonsu made three safeties in Ohio State’s 2023 recruiting class.

Other positions the Buckeyes have filled at least their minimum number for the Class of 2023 are quarterback, running back, wide receiver (have top end number), tight end, offensive line, and cornerback.

In terms of numbers, the areas that need now are defensive end, defensive tackle and linebacker. If the Buckeyes could get a great offensive tackle, running back, tight end, cornerback or safety to add to the class, they could also add to one or more of those positions.

Moving on to point #2….

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— Keep this player in mind

— A little boost to recruit a 5-star athlete

— Frosh ready if needed


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