Can you name the 30 players Newcastle have signed for £10m or more?

Despite years of austerity under Mike Ashley, Newcastle United have traditionally never been shy about spending money. But can you name every player they’ve signed for £10m or more in their history?

Of course, £10m charges were significantly less common in the 2000s than they have been in the past decade.

But Newcastle managers, from Kevin Keegan to Eddie Howe, have often spent big trying to bring back the glory days to Tyneside and long-suffering Newcastle supporters.

This strategy has had very mixed results. While some became legends in St James’ Park, others sank without a trace and became synonymous with gross financial folly.

But, with the Saudi takeover in October 2021, Newcastle are sure to spend big bucks again and again as they seek to establish themselves among the Premier League’s big six.

Their current list of signings of £10m or more stands at 30 and we ask you to name them all. We’ve given you the transfer fee – sourced from Transfermarkt – and the year as clues. You have 10 minutes to name them all.

The score to beat from the office is 19/30.

The quiz isn’t as easy as it looks, even for Newcastle fans. So IIf you can do it, you sure can name everyone who has managed the Magpies since 1992.

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Good luck, and don’t forget to tweet your scores to us at @planetfutebol.

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