Cook Studio vs Coke Studio: Food blogger to change channel name to ‘Cook Pro 6’ after court intervention

A food blogging platform called “Cook Studio” has agreed to rename its channels and pages to “Cook Pro 6” as part of a deal with The Coca Cola Company, owner of the “Coke Studio” brand. .

Nikhil Chawla, who is the owner of the Chawla Group and ran the Cook Studio platform, which produces cooking-related content, had received notices from Coke Studio owners in connection with the name. He had moved the Delhi High Court against The Coca Cola Company for sending notices asking him to refrain from using the name.

On May 12, Justice Prathiba M Singh had referred the case to the Delhi High Court Mediation and Conciliation Center for resolution. The court has now been told that the parties settled their differences on September 12.

As per the settlement, Chawla agreed to adopt the name Cook Pro 6 instead of Cook Studio for its channels and platforms. He is required to drop use of the Cook Studio name by November 30, as per the agreement. The settlement also states that The Coca Cola Company will not oppose or interfere in any way with Chawla’s use of the Cook Pro 6 trademark and iterations. mark relating to Cook Studio, in accordance with the agreement.

“The court, after reading the terms of the settlement, concluded that it was legal. There were no impediments to registering the settlement. Accordingly, the parties and all others acting for and on their behalf will be bound by the terms of settlement contained above,” Judge Singh said in the order dated September 12.

Chawla had approached the court under section 142 of the Trade Marks Act 1999, which states that a person can apply to the court for a declaration of non-infringement in the event that they receive a notice alleging infringement .

An attorney representing The Coca Cola Company had previously argued in court that the suit would fail because Chawla’s use of the “Cook Studio” trademark would constitute an infringement of its trademark Coke Studio. However, Chawla’s attorney had argued that there was a complete disparity in the logos and color combination of the two brands. The court was also told that the words “cook” and “studio” are generic words.

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