Ford Bronco customers spend a lot on accessories

Executives say the Bronco is now Ford’s most accessorized product, with customers spending an average of $1,700 on some 240 available pieces. Buyers spend around $800 on average to accessorize the Bronco Sport crossover, roughly the same amount the F-150 pickup generates.

According to Ford, the most popular accessories are modular front bumpers, winches and off-road lights.

“It’s at the heart of Bronco’s success,” Mark Grueber, Ford’s director of US consumer marketing, said in an interview. “For dealers, this is a great opportunity, not just from a profit perspective, but also from a long-term customer engagement. It’s great proof of what Ford can do and magnitude of this opportunity in the future.” Ford’s success in Bronco parts sales stemmed from problems with another product.

The automaker tried to bolster its accessory sales credibility when it launched the midsize Ranger pickup in the United States in 2018, but dealers complained at the time about a distribution process slow and a lack of stocks. Officials rushed to resolve the issues.

“We have completely changed our distribution network,” said Eric Cin, global director of vehicle personalization, accessories and licensing at Ford. “We fired half of the companies that distributed our products and rehired new companies to teach our resellers how to get into the business and put more content into inventory.”

The company began having extensive discussions about its plan for Bronco accessories years before the SUV launched, developing a full cycle plan for add-ons the same way it does for a vehicle.

“There hasn’t been a week for several years that we haven’t talked about accessories,” Cin said.

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