Gardiner Cat Finalist in Nationwide’s Annual Wacky Cat Name Contest

GARDINER, Maine (WABI) — According to the Daily Paws website, Luna, Milo and Oliver were the most popular cat names last year.

Well, a Gardiner cat may have the craziest name in the country.

Pickles McButterpants the Muffin Slayer is a finalist in Nationwide Insurance Company’s annual Wacky Cat Name contest.

Pickles ranks 26th out of 50 goofy names selected right now.

Every year, Nationwide’s pet insurance team celebrates some of the craziest names among their dog and cat customers.

Kelli Hoover is the owner of Pickles. She said she was inspired to use the name after seeing an ad for a cat with the name.

But she said the name didn’t sound right on its own, so she added Mcbutterpants.

And Pickles loves to eat muffins, hence the title, Muffin slayer.

She is thrilled that Pickles is representing Maine.

“He loves people and loves other animals. His best friend is a dog. Look at him. He’s cute and like Maine is full of loving people and we want our local animals and local people to get national attention because Maine is often forgotten in the blaze and it gets attention not just for the to love, but to love me. We have some cool stuff here,” Hoover said.

You can vote for Pickles from April 4-9. You can find a link to the contest here.

The winner will be announced on Monday, April 11.

Some of the other finalists are Mr. Murder Mittens, Boba Pett, and Foo Foo Cuddly Poops.

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