Gulshan Grover denies taking Mukesh Chhabra’s name for blacklisting lead actors: ‘My comment was about a bigger picture’

“I never took anyone’s name. My comment was about an aging person in any profession – be it journalism, sports or anywhere – where they are struggling to have the opportunity to shine. This is the metaphor that I drew from the character that was proposed to me in the short film.

“My character is an aging thief who doesn’t get a chance to shine. It happens in acting, directing, sports everywhere, people who have been in the business for a long time but don’t get the chance to show the talent again,” Gulshan said.

The actor said the world generally has a misconception that people with years of experience aren’t “pissed off” anymore, which his short – and commentary – reflects. “My statement was made in this context. There was no mention of Mukesh Chhabra. He is a dear friend, he is very encouraging for the senior actors and for everyone. I was commenting on a bigger picture, not about an individual at all. Now is not the time to complain, otherwise I would have held a press conference.

“Many people think that the knowledge of senior managers in any field is outdated, where years of experience in the business are not seen as an advantage. My comment was strictly on that, about my role having a larger meaning and metaphor,” he added.

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