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Pune: A 52-year-old real estate agent, who recently approached a bank for a loan against mortgage of his apartment, was surprised when bank officials told him that they could not give him a loan because of his ” bad CIBIL score” and he has to repay a loan of 15,000 rupees pending in his name since January this year.
After investigation, the officer, who lives at Pimple Saudagarrealized that someone else had used his Aadhaar, STOVE and other details to qualify for the loan.
The agent filed a complaint with the Sangvi police because he was unable to obtain the loan, when he needed the money. A case under Section 420 (cheating) and relevant sections of the Information and Technology Act has been registered.
A Sangvi Police officer said the complainant needed money so he decided to mortgage one of Pimple Saudagar’s flats and get a loan from the bank.
“Recently he approached a public sector bank in Pimple Saudagar for the loan. When the branch manager checked his details, he found that the agent had taken out a loan of 15,000 rupees in January and his installments had not been paid. The manager told the complainant that the bank could not grant him the mortgage because his CIBIL score was bad,” the officer said.
He added that the complainant was shocked as he had not taken out any loans. “The manager then provided him with his CIBIL report, which indicated that the complainant had taken out the loan from a private finance company,” the officer said.
He said the complainant then approached the company’s office at Shivajinagar in Pune.
“The company manager told the complainant that the loan had been taken out in his name in January. He also gave the plaintiff a mobile phone number and an email address, which were registered when obtaining the loan. The complainant told the officer that this was not his cell phone number or email address,” the officer said.
He said the Complainant discovered that someone used his Aadhaar card, PAN card and got the loan.
“The manager of the company promised him that he would send the details to the head office. When nothing happened, the officer came to us and filed a complaint,” he said.


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