Meredith removes white supremacist’s name from building

As part of an anti-racism initiative, Meredith College in North Carolina will officially rename a building that honors “an advocate for white supremacy and unequal school funding based on race,” according to a college announcement.

Joyner Hall, an academic building on the Raleigh campus, is named after longtime administrator James Yadkin Joyner, whose “racist ideas…are contrary to the mission, vision and values ​​of Meredith College,” says the announcement.

“The continued impact of Joyner’s role as an enthusiastic advocate of white supremacy and his role in the differential funding of black versus white schools brings generational and lasting harm to BIPOC students…Therefore, a part It is part of our job to recognize and account for these harms by ensuring our students and employees receive fair treatment and support from all aspects of the College.

Meredith’s board of directors, which alone can make such decisions, voted on the name change at its March meeting. In a letter to the Meredith community, board chair Yvette Brown and college president Jo Allen noted that the building would temporarily be known as Lux Hall – “Lux” stands for ” light” and is the motto of the college – until the trustees decide on a new name. In the coming months.

They acknowledged that not everyone would be happy with the council’s decision. Nonetheless, “the continued harm caused by Joyner’s initiative makes it untenable to continue to honor him, particularly as an educator,” they wrote. “We understand that the topics and decisions discussed in this announcement may elicit strong emotions and reactions and encourage you to use your Meredith Support Systems as you process this information.”

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