Middlesex County welcomes ‘new era’ of education with new name and branding

EAST BRUNSWICK — Formerly called Middlesex County Vocational and Technical Schools, the county’s long-term plan to rename the school district has taken a number of steps.

County officials announced in June that Middlesex County Vocational and Technical Schools would be moving into a “new era of special education” with a new name and logo. Now, after a century, the school district will be called the Middlesex County Magnet Schools.

Comprised of five separate campuses in Piscataway, Perth Amboy, East Brunswick, Edison and Woodbridge, the schools combine to serve 2,200 high school students. In addition, the schools also offer an adult education program which benefits nearly 400 adults every year.

So to commemorate the new identity of education at Middlesex, a mix of students and educators gathered outside the East Brunswick campus to take part in the landmark event on 7 September.

Several representatives from Middlesex County and Middlesex County Magnet Schools shared speeches on how students from Magnet Schools will shape the future of industry and innovation.

T-shirts worn by those in attendance displayed the Magnet School’s official motto: College Ready. Ready for the career. Ready for life.

According to county officials, the redesign is intended to highlight and accurately represent the high-quality programs and educational opportunities currently offered. By removing the often stigmatized “professional and technical” label, officials believe public perception of these institutions will change.

In a press release, County Board of Education Vice Chair Laura Czarnesk said, “While the old name has served our district well, it is from a bygone era and has sometimes even had a a deterrent effect by conveying many misconceptions about the type of education. experiences our district offers – and the type of students who choose to attend our schools.

In the same press release, Middlesex County Commissioner Chanelle Scott McCullum added: “This is an exciting time in the county’s history. Despite the countless successes of students graduating from this school district, many parents, students, and educational decision-makers in our community are unaware of all of the specialized learning tracks available here.

“For generations, these extraordinary learning experiences have been available tuition-free to all residents of our county. With this new name, Middlesex County Magnet Schools, and visual identity, we are excited for the regional community to see this school district in a new light. I wholeheartedly support this change and the leaders leading it. »

With a collective identity across the school district, educators and leaders said the overall mission is to provide students with academic, practical, and real-life skills to succeed in any environment.

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