Mom refuses to walk her child’s dog because of his silly name

An embarrassed mum refuses to take her dog for walks because of the stupid name her child chose for him.

The child in question posted online about internal family disputes, sparking hilarity among readers – and all because the pooch’s name is Woof.

They said their mother adamantly refused to take him out for walks because she knew she would be embarrassed if she had to shout his name in public.

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Found on a post on Reddit, the dog’s owner revealed that they chose the distinctive name in the spirit of fun.

Their mother is less than impressed, however, fearing the worst if she were to call him out in public, reports the Mirror.

“Some of my friends like it, some think it’s silly, my mum, on the other hand, hates it,” the owner revealed.

They revealed that this refusal was purely due to Woof’s name, as their mother previously enjoyed taking care of and walking their other dogs.

“She can’t imagine walking Woof because she would be embarrassed to call my dog’s name in public,” the owner continued.

“I guess it’s just my own sense of humor because I laugh when I call my dog’s name out loud at a dog park.”

“The idea of ​​her having an exchange like ‘Woof! Come here! No! Woof! Woof!….WOOF! ugh WOOF! Come here Woof! NO DIAPER WOOF! WOOF! ‘ just makes me cringe.

Despite the stark difference in what constitutes the funny between mother and child, the owner said Woof would not be renowned solely for their mother.

Other Reddit users said the choice of the dog’s name was inspired, with funny names being quite common.

“People give their pets goofy names all the time. Damn, Grumpy Cat was called Tardar Sauce and people thought it was funny,” one person said.

The original post prompted a series of replies from people with their own pets with ridiculous names.

These ranged from a cat named Dammit to a dog named Grr.

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