Pledgendary, Carbon New Trill, Amazon Go (ne): What should Jeff Bezos name his new superyacht?

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. (File photo by GeekWire / Kevin Lisota)

When news broke that Amazon founder and moderately wealthy man Jeff Bezos had ordered a 417-foot-long, $ 500 million superyacht known only as Project 721, one fact became immediately clear:

The code name Y721 hardly suitable for a three-masted sailboat so powerful it needs its own stable pony with a helipad. It is clear that the richest man in the world needs your help to give Y721 a name that exudes its essence, its craftsmanship.

After all, the late Paul Allen had the 414 foot octopus.

Seattle writer, actor and comedian Drew Barth was the first to come out of the door:

Followed by: Brosebud, The Jeff, New Trill Carbon. GeekWire’s Kurt Schlosser, however, is campaigning for Amazon Go or Wish SLU.

Details of the boat are being kept under wraps, according to press reports. Under construction in the Netherlands by Oceanco, it would be inspired by the company’s Black Pearl project, “one of the largest and most environmentally friendly sailboats in the world”, according to the Company Website.

“It can cross the Atlantic without burning even a liter of fossil fuel,” boasts Oceanco.

So what should Jeff name the Big Boat? Tweet your best name to us @geekwire.


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