Six things men shouldn’t do for a woman in the name of love

It’s a good thing to be romantic, but not at the expense of yourself. Many men act like children when they are in love and it has cost them dearly. It’s not bad to please a woman, but as a man you have to be smart enough to know what is favorable and what is not.

You should know that just because something can be done in the name of love doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do.

Although you want to please her, there are a number of things you should not do for her or be tempted to do for her, no matter what.

1. Fly

Don’t let anything push you into stealing for her, because if she finds out later that you stole a gift or anything for her, she might let you down.

In most cases, if you are caught stealing, you could be jailed, and when you return, someone may have taken your place.

2. Disrespecting your parents

You should never make the mistake of disrespecting your parents for the sake of a woman, no matter how much you love her. Indeed, before meeting her, you always knew your parents, who were there for you during your childhood.

You will hurt yourself more if you disrespect your parents for pleasing them in the name of love.

3. Skip Side Chats

Another thing you shouldn’t do in the name of love is ignore other people’s opinions about it. Such opinions are usually speculation most of the time, but there might be an iota of truth in some. Always be on the lookout for this truth so you don’t come across as a fool in the end.

4. Abandon ambitions

While encouraging your girlfriend to be a better person, don’t give up on your ambitions. Invest in yourself too.

There’s no guarantee your romantic relationship will last, and your girlfriend could be the one to undo it. When you give up on your ambitions to please your girlfriend in the name of love, you could find yourself frustrated in the long run.

5. Financing your studies

Most men think that funding a girl’s education means they will be eternally indebted to them, which means they will eventually marry them.

It’s okay to support her upbringing if you can, but taking full responsibility for everything can be dangerous because in most cases the woman could end up finding love elsewhere and that has been heartbreaking for many men.

6. Get changed

Changing yourself to please a woman means that the moment you stop trying to change yourself, she will leave.

These days, many men do a lot. They take pills to make changes to their bodies because they think that’s what women like. Ideally, the person you want to settle down with should like you for who you are.


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