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Ramanujacharya was an avatara of Adisesha. When the time came to name him, it was his maternal uncle Thirumalai Nambi who gave him the name Ramanuja. Thiruvarangathu Amudanar, who wrote Ramanuja Nootrandadi in praise of Ramanuja, says that this name Ramanuja is equal in holiness to the recitation of the Gayatri mantra 108 times. Lakshmana was also called Ramanuja and was an avatar of Adi Sesha. Therefore, the Acharya, who was also Sesha avatara, received this name. Vaishnava scholars developed three points to show why his name was Ramanuja, PT Seshadri said in a speech.

At Ayodhya Kanda, sarga 31, sloka 25, Lakshmana said to Rama: “aham sarvam karishyaami”(I will do you all kinds of services). Ramanuja, likewise, performs every conceivable task for the cause of Vedanta. His writings and teachings helped crush unfair criticism of scripture texts and put Visishtadvaita on a solid footing. Second, Lord Krishna was also known as Ramanuja because he was the younger brother (anuja) of Balarama. It is for this reason that Kulasekhara Azhvar, in his Mukunda Mala, calls Lord Krishna as “Ramanuja, Jagatraya guro”.

It is also believed that Ramanuja was born thanks to the blessings of Lord Parthasarathy of Thiruvallikeni, and therefore he was given the name of Ramanuja, which was also the name of Krishna. In Kali Yuga, Nammazhvar is considered an avatara of Rama. Ramanuja had great esteem for this Kali Yuga Rama. It was therefore appropriate that he be named Ramanuja – the younger brother of this Rama (Nammazhvar). Kooratazhvan wonders what would have been the fate of people like him if Ramanuja’s name with four letters had not existed. The name Ramanuja is like a medicine for the disease called samsara.

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