The sweet inspiration behind the Ridge Forrester name

Love glory and beauty‘s Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) is an important character in the CBS soap opera. Since the series premiered in 1987, Ridge has been at the center of many massive storylines. The character needed a strong and unique leading name as a leading man. The creators didn’t have to look too far for inspiration for the Ridge name.

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The name of “The Bold and the Beautiful” Ridge Forrester was inspired by a family friend

In 1986, William J. Bell and his wife, Lee Phillip Bell, developed their next soap opera for CBS. Thanks to The young and the restless, the couple were already successful and hoped to create more magic. Thanks to their creativity, Love glory and beauty was born.

Launched in March 1987, the show focuses on the life of the Forrester family and their fashion house. Ridge, the eldest son of Eric and Stephanie Forrester (John McCook and Susan Flannery), is a prominent member of Forrester who gets a lot of attention. When the Bells came up with a name for Ridge, they were inspired by a close friend.

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According to The Bold and the Beautiful: A Tenth Anniversary Celebration by Robert Waldron, Ridge’s name was inspired by Brad Bell’s boyfriend from Lake Geneva. “I remember my dad saying to him, ‘Ridge, someday I’m going to name a character your name because I like that name. But I’m going to wait and make sure he’s a very special character,” the executive told Waldron.

Ronn Moss is the originator of the role

When launching Ridge, Love glory and beauty, the producers had it easy. Actor Ronn Moss immediately wowed producers after arriving at his audition. “There was something about him. My dad calls it the “X factor”. It’s a mystery. We watched several wonderful actors, but Ronn had something that you just couldn’t quite figure out, ”recalls Brad Bell.

Moss immediately became a soap opera sensation playing the gorgeous Playboy fashion designer. Ridge’s relationship with Caroline Spencer (Joanna Johnson) and Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) during the show’s early years has been a key storyline. After Caroline’s death, Ridge’s personal life is complicated by a love triangle with Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo) and Brooke.

Moss continued to play Ridge for the next 25 years before leaving in September 2012. The actor cited his reason for leaving as memory problems resulting from a car accident. Moss couldn’t remember lines from a script and felt like he couldn’t keep up with the surroundings to the beat of a soap opera face.

The role has been recast with Thorsten Kaye

After Moss left, Love glory and beauty the producers looked for another actor to play Ridge. Kaye reprized the role in December 2013 and became a hit with fans. Kay is no stranger to the day; his previous soap opera work includes A life to live and All my children. As for Moss’ replacement as Ridge, Kaye admitted he was nervous.

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In an interview with Dutch newspaper HLN, Kaye opened up about his audition process. “Bradley Bell, the big boss, invited me for an audition. When asked by such a person, refusing is not an option. It would give me job security, which a father of two cannot afford. I signed the contract the same day, not knowing what role it was for. I have to say I broke into a sweat when I heard the role I signed on for.

Since his debut in 2013, Kay has won two nominations for lead actor at the Daytime Emmy. As for his character, Ridge finds himself again caught between Brooke and Taylor. With the show preparing to recreate its iconic love triangle, fans will be seeing a lot more of Ridge.

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