What did you name your cult in the cult of the lamb?

Worship of the Lamb begins with a very important question: what will you name your sect?

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t prepared to have to name my sect. That means I spent at least fifteen minutes staring desperately at the name input screen because you can’t ask someone a question like that. I ended up calling it “Wooly Doctrine”, which I guess is…good? I do not know.

Feeling that my friends and colleagues, who are all much smarter and funnier than me, would have come up with much better cult names than mine, I asked for examples. Below are some examples of the mania that topped my mentions on Twitter last night. There are some really brilliant names here. Let’s get together and enjoy – and please throw your own cult names in the comments below, I really want to hear them!

Let’s start with Ruby, who I knew would understand the mission.

Some simply refused to fall into the trap that had caught me. Like I said, my friends are much smarter than me.

The Not A Cult name has come up many times, and fair play, that’s a good name.

Some decided to name their cults fasting and it showed.

Some took the opportunity to speak truth to power.

And then the floodgates opened and the weird and the wonderful started to flow.

But maybe my favorite comes from Worship of the Lamb creative director Julian Wilton himself.

Someone had to do it, and I’m glad it was him.

Wooly Doctrine invites you to leave your Cult of the Lamb name in the comments below. I want to know what you found. Even if you haven’t played the game yet, what do you think you would go with? Let us know!

Let your lamb be praised.

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